HTML5 video parameters

This page explains some of the basic HTML5 video parameters.


All parameters on this page are optional

For a working player, you don't need more than the four mandatory parameters. All parameters on this page are optional, that means you don't have to use them.

As afterglow is based upon the HTML5 video element, there are several parameters that are supported by default.

poster="url to a file"

You can provide a poster frame which is displayed in the player area before the video has been started. This should be an image file matching the ratio of your player, if possible.

If not used, there won't be a poster frame except for Youtube videos.

A quick example for a player using a poster frame can be found here.


If you want your video to play automatically when loaded, you can pass this parameter. Be aware that mobile devices do not support this feature.

If not used, your player will wait for the user to click the play button.


You can pass this parameter to make your video replay when it's finished.

If not passed, your player will not loop.


If you think, that your video should not be preloaded as soon as the page is loaded, you might want to pass this parameter with the value "none".

If not passed, this defaults to auto and preloading will be handled by the browser.